University Emanuel Oradea


May 2014

We congratulate the University Emanuel in Oradea Romania with the installation of a 40 years old magnificent Heyligers organ.

This 26 stops Church organ served in the past a Dutch congregation in one of the outskirts of The Hague, called Loosduinen. After it had been stored on several different locations for 4 years, it finally found its destination in the 800 seats Chapel of the University Emanuel.

When we started the work, we found the instrument in a deplorable state. Several parts of the speaker console were missing, the music stand and the bench were missing, and besides that, mice have had big parties in the electronic area of the organ and several copper plated print boards were severely damaged because of the aggressive mouse-dirt. Also the furniture of speaker console and keyboard console were severely affected by damages of water, probably of the past.

Extensive maintenance work and restoration was necessary which lasted almost 3 weeks of many hours. With the help of several Romanian volunteers and the efforts of local businessmen and a furniture manufacturer, assisted by several carpenters, it was possible to restore the keyboard console and rebuild the speaker console with the use of the parts we had, added by new ones. A separate console was build for the housing of the organ electronics. Besides this there was much work to do to the electronic parts of the organ and the keyboards which needed much restoration and adjustments.

The results however, justify all the effort and work that has been done. This beautiful instrument found its rightful place in this Chapel with its natural acoustics and it seems that it just ever was made for this environment.
Just before the graduation ceremony the work was finished and for the first time on this location put into use to support the graduation concert.

Never before had the University Emanuel the availability of a concert organ like this and we are sure that this will be a blessing and a benefit for many and for many years.

Picture 1

The organ at former location in The Netherlands.

The electronics in the lower part of the speaker console.

Damaged veneer on left side of keyboard console.

Damaged veneer on right side of keyboard console.

Damage on pedal board.

Damage on pedal board.

Damage on side of speaker console.

New venered triplex board glued on the sides of keyboard console.

Removing damaged veneer on keyboard console.

Glueing new veneer on keyboard console.

Glueing new veneer on keyboard console.

Damage on print board.

Restored print board.

Carpenters working on new speaker consoles.

Carpenters working on new speaker consoles.

Part of speakers layed out.

Mounting of electronics in new console.

Mounting of electronics in new console.

Setting up part of speaker console.

Setting up another part of speaker console.

Mounting of speaker console.

Continued mounting of speaker console.

Still working on the speaker console.

Finished organ.

Finished organ, different view.

Finished speaker console, keyboard console
and electronics unit.

Finished keyboard console.

University Award



Subbas 16′
Prestant 8′
Gedekt 8′
Octaaf 4′
Fagot 32′
Bazuin 16′
Schalmei 4′

Manual I

Pommer 16′
Prestant 8′
Roerfluit 8′
Octaaf 4′
Spitsfluit 4′
Quint 2 2/3′
Woudfluit 2′
Mixtuur IV
Trompet 8′

Manual II

Principal 8′
Holpijp 8′
Octaaf 4′
Roerfluit 4′
Gemshoorn 2′
Nasard 1 1/3′
Sesqualter II
Scherp III
Regaal 16′
Dulciaan 8′

Audio Demo’s

Boëlmann, Suite Gothique, Opus 25.

J.S. Bach, Toccata & Fugue, D Minor, BWV 565.

Hymn improvisation.

Students Choir accompanied by organ.

Händel, Unto us a Child is born.